Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We have a mini blizzard blowing thru & there is nothing to do but hunker down @home w/my kittehs...who still get mesmerized by the falling snow.

Maizee gazing out the window as the snow starts intense.

"that wite stuf iz coming frum up ther sumwher..."

Looking down our street this morning, now you cant even see the street, STILL haven't seen or heard any plows. Supposed to snow all nite & most tomorrow, I bet alotta neighbors will be staying home.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa cometh again!

Mawm came home from Grammy & Grampy'z w/stockingz Santa left there for uz, maybe he'z confuzed cuz mawm & Murf uzed to live there. We got sooo much more stuffz, OMC it'z like xmaz all over again...well it WUZ still xmaz LOL! She alzo brought uz some roazt beef & SHRIMP from xmaz dinner, we NOM NOM NOMMED on it...THANKZ Grammy!!

See thu cute stockingz grammy gotz for uz...soooo cute!

Maizee inspectz thu newly delivered stockingz, "wutz inzide mawm??!!"

LOOK LOOK...more treatz, wet food (stinky goodnezz), AND 2 squeakie fishiez!!!

Watch out Murfee, here comes a big red goldfish..."squeak squeak"

Murf sniff sniff sniffs the fishie before....

deciding that nomming on treats is much more appealing...NOM NOM NOM!!!

Maizee takes over & tries to get her some 'fishie'..."I'v got yoo my prety"....

Both cats are grateful for the humans they have in their lives & all their blessings...they have warmth, food, toys, love, and an abundance of cuddles!! We want to remember all the creatures in the world who arent as lucky, especially in the winter.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Morn'

OMC OMC OMC, Santa came!! Mawm said he would but we wernt sure cuz we iz kinda poor thiz year...mawm iz still out of work (sigh). There wernt 'prezentz' but our stocking wuz STUFFED....look at what ALL we gotz!! But firzt mawm put our stocking on the dezk while she got thu camera ready & I couldnt wait~HA HA, I reached up & tried to grab it.....

"SWAT SWAT...ooh i'z too short, maybe if i stand on my tippy toez...."

Align Center
"I caaaan aaaalmost reeeach iiiiiit...." SWIPE SWIPE!!(bigefy the picturez)

LOOK AT THIZ LOOT! Cat nip, hard & soft cat treatz AND 2 brand new chirping birdiez...we LOVE thoze OMC OMC!

"CHOMP" Maizee put thu bitie on thu birdie...omc itz stuck to cardboard. MAWM!

SNIFF SNIFF, mawm can we haz some of theze treatz??!! PLEAZE!
(yes they got some but those AND other pics got deleted...oops)

Mamw sayz even though we are her 'kidz' she still missez xmaz morningz w/her REAL kid Brittney who iz now 26 & haz a little one of her own. BUT she sayz at leazt OUR toyz dont need batteriez MOL MOL!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today when mawm steped owtside i snuk thru thu screendor, whitch wuznt latched...teee heee! Mawm wuznt so hapy tho cuz she saw Murfee trying to ezcape too & thatz when she realized I wuz GONE! I wuz hiding under thu shed....shhhh!

She finaly saw me peak out but i wuldnt come to her cuz it wuz all wet & snowmelt wuz dropping EVERYWHER....pluz i wuz scared cuz i wuz probably in truble~RUH ROH!

Mawm banged on thu shed & blew thu airhorn but i wuznt budging, she wuz afraid to go inside cuz i might wandur off. FINALY i had enuf & started crying so mawm crawled down & coaxed me out a litle & wuz able to grab my scruf...whew it wuz nice to be outa ther, cold & muzty! Mawm WAS mad tho & said i getz no fudge for xmaz now.....yah like she evur givs us any goodyz she bakez.
Prety kewl adventur huh??!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingle Tails, Jingle Tails... MOL!

Mawm'z been feeling fluish all wknd so we'z thought we'd blog for her & what better way to ring in the holiday seazon but with a lovely carol sung by ALL our furenz on YouTube! We thinkz you will enjoy it & SEAZON'Z GREETINGZ to ALL God'z creaturez. PURRZZ, Maizee & Murf


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Easy Like Sunday....

Maizee is basking in the splash of sunlight that graces their cat tower for only a short while in the morning hours. I snuck up on her & to my surprise she stayed in the same spot (for once) and I actually got some still shots of her...these are rather rare as she is ALWAYS 'on the go'! She even seemed to 'pose' for some close ups>>>an even bigger rarity.

"I iz in thu sunshine, starring out thu window, hoping for birdiez"

"Oh hi, you snucked up on mee...I wuz meditating."

"but soon turned to MUSH, dont i look mooshy??!! i luvz mah BOOGIE MAT, see it undur mee..."

"Then up for a glamer shot, dont i look meowgnifsently floofy & gorguz??!!! i iz stunning..."

"Thez iz how i normally look...but i likez the GLAM shot better! maybee i shuld get some walletz made, send them to all mah MAN CAT furenz"

Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up & smell the snow.....

We got a pleasant surprise this morning...we got our first 'real' snow last nite, you know the kind that STICKS. I was a little excited but the M's were more like YAWN. I did capture Maizee peaking out the front door @it, since she is so young she is still a tad curious about this 'white crap' that covers our yard.

"Hmmm thu groundz gawt white stuf on it, how are thu birdiez gona find ther stashed pnutz now???"

"HELLOOOO, are yoo birdiez still out there...yoo better comez move your nutz befour it REELY snowz. Guyz??? Mawm wherz all OUR birdiez today????"

She is referring to our Blue Jays that are usually quite loud @this time, I go out & just whistle and they come flying for peanuts and then hide them all over the yard. We have a particular 'pair' that seem to hang around our house so have come to assume they are working & dad. But today none were to be seen or heard, this cold snowfall has even sent them into warm hiding.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Nite Dear Inigo....

It is with GREAT sadness that we share w/you the passing of a very very special kitty...Inigo started his journey this wknd to the Rainbow Bridge, his Rumblefamily had to let him go and are heartbroken...Inigo was only four years old :( He was a Ragdoll and best buddies w/his brother Rumbles, a Maine Coon who is going to miss his best friend very much! We are sending PURRayers their way & holding them all in our hearts. RUN FREE INIGO!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ray, a cat's best friend...

The temps plunged pretty low rather quickly here, so what's a kitteh to do but look up their best friend Ray (sun ray) and share some quality time. Looks as is Murf found him in one of the small yet high windows in the bedroom...the sun usually only shines on that NW side of the house.

"Wut, itz warm HERE. Look no feet...MOL MOL!!"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Murfee is shipping early for Xmas....

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought we'd get a head start on our Christmas mailing...especially the big packages as they take a bit longer. Here goes our first and most special one...

Ok Murfee get in the box, GOOD BOY!!

"now whut??" You need to get ALL the way in, crouch down....

"like thiz??" Yes Murf, very we can close the box to send.

Ok now stay down while I go get tape to seal the box....BRB.

"wait a minute, did Mawm say TAPE...and SEND??!! when she said i wuz mailing early i thought i wuz 'shipping', not BEING SHIPPED!!"

Friday, October 29, 2010


Since we dont know the M's actual birth dates we celebrate 'their day' on the days they were brought here to their forever home. TODAY 2 years ago is the day Maizee joined us from the Humane Society. We ALL were ambivalent about this new furbaby joining our small family so the first night she had to sleep in the guest bathroom all by herself, a radio was also in there to help soothe her in her NEW surroundings. She didn't think that was too keen though and cried her little kitteh 'mews' for quite awhile, it was heartbreaking. I just COULDN'T do it the next night so she was free to roam, which she did....all over ME trying to sleep AND being still somewhat of a kitten, she didn't sleep thru the night & would play off & on. The biggest habit she started though was climbing on my chest & curling up under my chin, try to sleep w/THAT happening most nights! She even did it to my houseguest Mo, who eventually had to lock Maizee out...she is cute, soft and warm but it does get old LOL! Luckily she stopped it as she got older and I later read that kittens do that because they get cold so easy, its also the closest spot to our hearts so I guess maybe they are mimicking snuggling up to their mama kitty.

Here she is right before leaving the shelter, she was tiny and see her tummy is still shaved from her surgery.

Here she is this evening sitting pretty as usual, she knows she's the princess of the house but is also 'scrappy' and holds her own when wrestling w/her big brother Murf.

All in all Maizee turned out to be a very pleasant & fulfilling addition to our home & hearts, we think the feeling is mutual. So Happy Day to her and we are looking forward to many many more!!!

Max's Halloween in Hemet

Halloween '03 and we were in a new place (motherNlaw quarters=attached large garage converted into a nice little apartment), but we still tried to pull off the holiday obligations. 'The pumpkin was carved by hand w/care, in hopes that trick or treaters soon would be there...'

"SNIFF SNIFF, Mama did a good job this year"

"MAMA where's MY pumpkin???"

Max waiting by the door for candy beggars, see HIS lil pumpkin behind him?

We had some kids come by but once again we lived in an area that wasn't well traveled by foot. Despite that Max still got all the attention and one kid even walked in & wanted to hold him...Max obliged.

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Maxster Halloween

Halloween '99 and Max is totally anticipating the night of trick or treaters. Pumpkin, CHECK! Decorations, CHECK! Candy, CHECK! We were all set...

Here he is admiring my pumpkin carving. I put a rat on top of the pumpkin to scare him, nothing scares HIM.

"Nice try Mama but you didnt scare me....sheesh how immature!"

"Ok we're all ready, bring on the candy beggars. HELLOOO, where's all the kids??!!"

Sadly we were living in a townhome @the time so not only did we not have much room to decorate but didnt have many trick or treaters. Max still enjoyed what little did come by.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween Max!

My last cat Max used to LOVE Halloween and would even wait anxiously by the door for the trick or treaters. He was so adorable & friendly that EVERYONE wanted to pet while I handed out treats, Max was getting his own treats>>>all the attention a handsome boy could want! I will be sharing some of his holiday pics in the next couple posts leading up to Halloween...

'97 his 2nd Halloween and he is practicing his 'cuteness' for the candy beggars.

'98 and he is just back from the groomers...hence the festive colors in his bow. He HATED the bows but tolerated them cuz it led to our "oohing & ahing" over him MOL!

'98 and chomping on HIS pumpkin, yes every year he got his very own little pumpkin...and every year he would chomp on it. Sadly I didn't carry on that traditional w/the M's.

Even though Halloween is my absolute favroite holiday and I have TONS of decor I dont really decorate anymore cuz my daughter is grown, Max is gone and I haven't gotten Trick or Treaters where I have lived lately. Some year my dream is to live in a place that is all around accommodating for me to have the best dressed crib on Halloween AND be able to share it w/others...mostly the wee ones.

Saturday, October 23, 2010

A precious furrie has crossed the bridge

A classmate of mine from high school (April) lost her beloved furbaby Fluffy last weekend to a coyote and she is pretty heartbroken...even trying to take blame. I thought it might lift her spirits to see a loving tribute to her fallen pet, she is a huge animal lover & over the years has acquired quite a menagerie in addition to Fluffy. But Fluffy came w/the house...literally, as she was there already 2 years before April moved in~being an outside cat. April got to spend 6 great years being her 'staff' and Fluffy got probably double that in love & care. She will be greatly missed but will always be waiting for her 'MOM' @the Rainbow Bridge....

(April's comments are below the pics)

"Fluffy on the back wall of my yard -- and no, I did not bestow upon her this cliched moniker!"

"Surprised this photo isn't blurry because I was laughing so hard while taking it. Fluffy had been visiting me in my office and was lying on a bunch of paperwork that was on the floor and inadvertently walked away with a pink Post-It note attached to her butt!"

"I snapped this photo from inside my kitchen while Fluffy was basking in the sun on the back patio."

Note; April was able to bury her friend in the rose garden.

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good will hunting....

So I was tossing some of my late Grandmother's OLD crochet booklets in the recycling bin when some fell outside & after I had picked them up there was an envelope on the ground w/my Grama's name on it. It was laying there all by itself so @first I thought "I" had dropped it, but when I saw my Grama's name & the return addr I knew it was a 'find'. I figured it was probably receipts but DID relish "What if it was $$$?"...

It WAS!! There were 11 $2 dollar bills (1976) in a thin billfold. YES Grama actually slipped me $22 from 'beyond' just when I needed it>>>she hasn't changed♥ "I love & miss you Grama!!!" xoxoxoxo

(what a cool 'sign' from Heaven, huh? My mom has had those booklets since Grama passed in '01 AND they were sitting in my driveway since last weeks yard sale. Amazing that "I" found that WAS on it's last stop before the recycling yard.)

Monday, September 6, 2010

"Over the river and through the woodz... Grandmother'z houze we go!" Yezterday Mawm took uz to Grammy & Grampy'z for the day while THEY put together a new hutch>>>and WE juzt 'kicked it'. I of courze waz my charming self but Maizee waz a big fraidy cat & hid (slept) under the sofa mozt the time.

Here I iz being so well behaved! (of courze thiz was before me & Maiz both tried to squeeze into Grampy'z office window & knocked over hiz stereo & stuff...ooopz! Sowwy Grampy)

Hmmm, thiz smellz good....I am starting to remember the place since I DID live there when I was a newly adopted kitteh. I think Grammy & Grampy like that I behave better now that I am 'mature' MOL!

See here iz Maizee peaking out from under the sofa, big scardy cat MOL MOL!

"I iz nawt scared, I iz juzt getting mah bewty sleep four when I makez mah apperence>>>TADAH!! Pluz Grampy'z power toolz made vary lowd noizez that evin Murf staid away WHO'z thu fraidy cat now???!!! snicker"

Actually both cats did their share of 'hide & seek' but gladly came out for some raw shrimp courtesy of Grammy, they also got some wet food (treat) and would've had a piece of steak if Mom hadn't accidentally flushed it down the sink...sorry guys! There was a 'bathroom' incident though that I completely didn't know had happened>>>Grammy went to the potty not knowing Maizee was in there, to which Maizee freaked at being closed in & started howling & scratching @the door. This brought Murf running to her rescue on the other side of the door, where he then started howling & scratching too....AAWW he was trying to save his little sister, see they DO love each other.