Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa cometh again!

Mawm came home from Grammy & Grampy'z w/stockingz Santa left there for uz, maybe he'z confuzed cuz mawm & Murf uzed to live there. We got sooo much more stuffz, OMC it'z like xmaz all over again...well it WUZ still xmaz LOL! She alzo brought uz some roazt beef & SHRIMP from xmaz dinner, we NOM NOM NOMMED on it...THANKZ Grammy!!

See thu cute stockingz grammy gotz for uz...soooo cute!

Maizee inspectz thu newly delivered stockingz, "wutz inzide mawm??!!"

LOOK LOOK...more treatz, wet food (stinky goodnezz), AND 2 squeakie fishiez!!!

Watch out Murfee, here comes a big red goldfish..."squeak squeak"

Murf sniff sniff sniffs the fishie before....

deciding that nomming on treats is much more appealing...NOM NOM NOM!!!

Maizee takes over & tries to get her some 'fishie'..."I'v got yoo my prety"....

Both cats are grateful for the humans they have in their lives & all their blessings...they have warmth, food, toys, love, and an abundance of cuddles!! We want to remember all the creatures in the world who arent as lucky, especially in the winter.

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  1. OMC what cute socks! You got pawsome purrsents =^_^= PURRS