Saturday, October 23, 2010

A precious furrie has crossed the bridge

A classmate of mine from high school (April) lost her beloved furbaby Fluffy last weekend to a coyote and she is pretty heartbroken...even trying to take blame. I thought it might lift her spirits to see a loving tribute to her fallen pet, she is a huge animal lover & over the years has acquired quite a menagerie in addition to Fluffy. But Fluffy came w/the house...literally, as she was there already 2 years before April moved in~being an outside cat. April got to spend 6 great years being her 'staff' and Fluffy got probably double that in love & care. She will be greatly missed but will always be waiting for her 'MOM' @the Rainbow Bridge....

(April's comments are below the pics)

"Fluffy on the back wall of my yard -- and no, I did not bestow upon her this cliched moniker!"

"Surprised this photo isn't blurry because I was laughing so hard while taking it. Fluffy had been visiting me in my office and was lying on a bunch of paperwork that was on the floor and inadvertently walked away with a pink Post-It note attached to her butt!"

"I snapped this photo from inside my kitchen while Fluffy was basking in the sun on the back patio."

Note; April was able to bury her friend in the rose garden.

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