Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday Fallout....

The kittehs wanted me to relate to all (if any) of our followers that we are sorry we havnt posted in so long, this week we have been dealing with possibly the storm of the century for this area. In fact our little city of Prescott was actually declared a STATE OF EMERGENCY yesterday.

It sure is pretty but traveling in it...NOT SO MUCH! It rained, it snowed, it blew, it hailed, there was thunder & lightening>>>just overall KRAZY! I was the one who always had to go out in it, to clear the DISH, to broom off the car, to knock snow off the foliage, etc. Even though I had a snow day from work yesterday AND today, I was still working and cold & damp/wet thru out this weather.

Look @my poor pomegranate shrub, it's almost split in half. The snow was just soooo wet & heavy it not only 'cowered' the foliage, it took out huge branches, power lines, etc. Then when the rain came and melted the snow, it made for VERY saturated soil which topples trees AND causes flash-flooding (which we have had MUCH of). FUN huh?

Here is another view of my pomegranate and the backdrop, I SAVED the bush by 'brooming' all the snow off it. But the THUDS of snow plopping down on the roof all day sounded almost like the M's were rough housing upstairs. They have enjoyed the snow from a distance of course but surprisingly seem to have cabin fever @times.

So here is Maizee waiting patiently for all this "WEERD WEDDER" to go away, or @least subside...see her winter coat and fluffy mane. I mean they ARE indoor cats but still thrive on life happening outside..via our MANY windows, which cant really be 'opened' cuz of wind & low temps. We will keep you posted because as I post this the snow has started falling heavy AGAIN and it's almost WHITE OUT conditions. We are gonna hunker down & watch the telly, until we lose satellite and/or power. BRRRRRR and warm wishes to you all!

Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boxing Day MOL!

I guess Murf thinks 'Boxing Day' is the same day as New Year's cuz I was doing some thorough cleaning up (landlords coming to visit) and came into the room to find Murf in the box I had thrown on the floor to be trashed. He looked so content & determined that was HIS box so I just let him be.

"MY bawx, I found it, it's MINE. Maizee's too buzy stuffing her face anyways....MURF'S BAWX!"

"Mom threw our new catnip mousie in, see I gots it in my mouths....nom nom nom"

"Of course SHE had to stick her nose in & see what's up, so I dropped the mousie and tried to look I look dumb???"

"She smelled the mouse, but I am still acting dumb>>>which is hard for ME, not her though cuz she's dopey MOL!"

"What mousie, I dont see no mousie in here go away & look cute or something"

"FINALLY, I thought she'd never leave! See, it's still MY bawx....I will sleep in it if I have to, finders keepers losers weepers MOFL!"