Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Morn'

OMC OMC OMC, Santa came!! Mawm said he would but we wernt sure cuz we iz kinda poor thiz year...mawm iz still out of work (sigh). There wernt 'prezentz' but our stocking wuz STUFFED....look at what ALL we gotz!! But firzt mawm put our stocking on the dezk while she got thu camera ready & I couldnt wait~HA HA, I reached up & tried to grab it.....

"SWAT SWAT...ooh i'z too short, maybe if i stand on my tippy toez...."

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"I caaaan aaaalmost reeeach iiiiiit...." SWIPE SWIPE!!(bigefy the picturez)

LOOK AT THIZ LOOT! Cat nip, hard & soft cat treatz AND 2 brand new chirping birdiez...we LOVE thoze OMC OMC!

"CHOMP" Maizee put thu bitie on thu birdie...omc itz stuck to cardboard. MAWM!

SNIFF SNIFF, mawm can we haz some of theze treatz??!! PLEAZE!
(yes they got some but those AND other pics got deleted...oops)

Mamw sayz even though we are her 'kidz' she still missez xmaz morningz w/her REAL kid Brittney who iz now 26 & haz a little one of her own. BUT she sayz at leazt OUR toyz dont need batteriez MOL MOL!

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