Thursday, November 26, 2009

Thanksgiving Thoughts

We had Thanksgiving @my folks this year and the kittehs came along. They immediately went under their couch and napped until we were done eating, then they got a 'special' dinner of wet food mixed w/pumpkin and pieces of turkey. Gramy & Grampy love their visits :) But this year we are most thankful for not having lost a family pet, which happened the last 3 years AT Thanksgiving. Below are the furbabies who are no longer w/us.

Sassy, my folk's dog of 11+ years ventured to the Rainbow Ridge last Thanksgiving '08. She was the best dog they could ever ask for and is STILL deeply missed...

Spike, my sister's cat of 17 years crossed over to the Rainbow Ridge Thanksgiving '07. She was a cantankerous kitty but still loyal only to my sister, she won hearts just cuz she was SPIKE....

And my beloved Max of 10+ years left my life but not my heart Thanksgiving '06. He was my best friend, roomie, child, confident, and just over all love of my life. There will NEVER be another like him, he was the most unique cat... (he is pictured top and bottom is his dad who was a champion show cat) His papers may have said Mr Maxemillion Fu Man Chu but he will ALWAYS be my 'iddle man'. **Note-all of these beloved pets are STILL in all our homes as we keep them close in cherished urns**

Monday, November 23, 2009

Maizee Mundae

Mommy worked late twonite so i did thu blawg for her twoday, sew of coarse itz about mee :D
I wantid to share our toweer that mom gawt us four FREEE on Freecyle last spring...sence i hav ben thu onlee won two bee brave enuf two use it, thu pix are alll about meee YAY!!!

Hear is a fewl length pixsher two sea how big it reely iz, sea MEE wae at thu top? It haz fore wholes & sumtimez i even geet wae up on top. Mom saez itz like a silinder???

Hear i iz peekng owt of it, "i scaree tigeer hidng in cave ROWR!!!" {giggle)

And meez agin, i nawt scared of anithing>>>i iz such a brave kitteh, i wil go whare no man haz gawn befour (mom saiz itz cuz i steal yung & feerluss-she callz mee krazee maizee...)

Hear i iz swenging two thu rite,

and two thu left...

Whut? Itz time two geet down now, DARN! But yoo all hav two admit itz preety kewl huh??!! i hav other toweers i wheel shair later POL!

Mom here, HAVE to mention I had to tether that to the wall because they toppled it over @least twice and it weighs like a hundred presswood. It WAS a good deal though and Maizee sure can conquer it, but Murf still wont bite (think he's shell shocked from the topplings) even though he DID climb all over before when it was stored in the cedar closet until I found a place for it. It needs some stapling around the holes and what not, but it serves its purpose as that is where ONLY Maizee will sharpen her claws.

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maizee Mundae

Todaes thu dae mom letz us post cuz shee saiz "MONDAES SUX", nawt shure whut that meens but az lawng az wee get a chanze two leern blawging wee reely dont kare MOL! Ladees ferst and todae itz mee Maiz, sew im gona show yoo my babee pix (whenz i gawt adoptid)...

Hear iz the pixshur of mee in thu paper that maid mom kum down two sea mee & wuz i glad shee did! Sea beelow...

Hear I iz, my steetches frum my spaeing opend & I wuz waring a KONE win mom furst kame two inspekt mee...but that dednt keap me frum bein sew kute, spunkee & ireestibul! Sea my big footees, mom sade that iz how shee knew I culd bee manekoon.

I onlee look pissy cuz I had two bee held tite cuz I wantid two run arownd thu kennil, sence wee hav to liv in kages win at thu sheltur untel sumwon adoptz yoo. I hoped shee wuld cuz shee reelee holed me nice & asked if I wunted a new home.

Shee kame bak! Shee sayed shee mite & shee did, OH BOY did I show hur how much moore persinubel I am wethowt my kone. I ran all ovur thu kennil evin goateng thu katz steal in thear kages, boy wur thay mad that I wuz OUT & maebe geeteng a new home.

Hear iz my last pixshur at thu shelter, mom azked if thay wuld holed mee til thu weeknd but thay sayed no...shee dicided rite theen that I wuz goeng two kum home two liv weth hur & sumwon named murfee. Thu peepuls at thu shelter wur sad two sea mee go cuz I wuz a faverit ther & thay had named mee Anita>>>mom sayed I wuld problie get a new name aftur wee gawt home. I kame two my forevur home and hav nevur lookd bak, evun tho mom haz taked mee bak two thu shelter two vizit a cuple timez & thay alwaze remembur mee ther:) . But now I am named Maizee...

Saturday, November 14, 2009

BRRRR, itz kold hear todae!!!

It's only 52 right now even though the sun has come out...26 tomor nite. That has meant few sightings of the Maine's, as they hunker down somewhere warm & out of sight. Speaking of hunkering down, I got some new sheets (1000 thread count 100% Egyptian cotton for $34) and washed & put them on my bed along with a clean comforter>>>keep in mind I rarely 'fully' make my bed ea day. So I went about my business and when bedtime came, look who had beat me to it LOL! They were taking advantage of the rarity of mom's clean & made bed...just snoozing away. See, they really DO 'kick it' 2gether...AWWW!

Friday, November 13, 2009

Weeee are redy to start blawging

Ok here we go, our first live blog as the kittehs finally gave me consent to make public their ever so private lives. Today was a trip to the groomers for a PETicure...trimming of the claws, or tallons for you brits. This of course involved the bringing out of the carriers, something which must be done w/the kittehs not seeing...and in the blink of an eye they are in and off for a short ride (literally as the groomer is right around the corner). Then they come home, are set free and destress....

What's this? A kitteh has crawled back into their carrier, it's Maizee...she is so carefree she has forgotten what that carrier meant a couple hours ago ;)

Murf is here w/me chillin on top of the desk while I tackle this new blogging thing. "HEY MURF, DONT YA LOVE GOING FOR PETICURES?"

"Are yoo sereous??!!!!"