Friday, October 29, 2010


Since we dont know the M's actual birth dates we celebrate 'their day' on the days they were brought here to their forever home. TODAY 2 years ago is the day Maizee joined us from the Humane Society. We ALL were ambivalent about this new furbaby joining our small family so the first night she had to sleep in the guest bathroom all by herself, a radio was also in there to help soothe her in her NEW surroundings. She didn't think that was too keen though and cried her little kitteh 'mews' for quite awhile, it was heartbreaking. I just COULDN'T do it the next night so she was free to roam, which she did....all over ME trying to sleep AND being still somewhat of a kitten, she didn't sleep thru the night & would play off & on. The biggest habit she started though was climbing on my chest & curling up under my chin, try to sleep w/THAT happening most nights! She even did it to my houseguest Mo, who eventually had to lock Maizee out...she is cute, soft and warm but it does get old LOL! Luckily she stopped it as she got older and I later read that kittens do that because they get cold so easy, its also the closest spot to our hearts so I guess maybe they are mimicking snuggling up to their mama kitty.

Here she is right before leaving the shelter, she was tiny and see her tummy is still shaved from her surgery.

Here she is this evening sitting pretty as usual, she knows she's the princess of the house but is also 'scrappy' and holds her own when wrestling w/her big brother Murf.

All in all Maizee turned out to be a very pleasant & fulfilling addition to our home & hearts, we think the feeling is mutual. So Happy Day to her and we are looking forward to many many more!!!


  1. Happy birthday/Gotcha Day, Maizee! We laughed when your mom wrote that you were "tiny" (in the shelter pic). "Tiny" is relative. MOL!

  2. Happy Purrthday/Gotcha! OMC so fuzzy and cute!!! PURRS & Headbutts =^_^=

  3. Hi Remington here! Thanks for stopping by my blog today. Happy Birthday! I hope you have a fun filled day with lots of hugs and treats! Enjoy! I think I am going to follow, not around your living room -- just in Blogland! I hope we can be great friends.