Monday, September 6, 2010

"Over the river and through the woodz... Grandmother'z houze we go!" Yezterday Mawm took uz to Grammy & Grampy'z for the day while THEY put together a new hutch>>>and WE juzt 'kicked it'. I of courze waz my charming self but Maizee waz a big fraidy cat & hid (slept) under the sofa mozt the time.

Here I iz being so well behaved! (of courze thiz was before me & Maiz both tried to squeeze into Grampy'z office window & knocked over hiz stereo & stuff...ooopz! Sowwy Grampy)

Hmmm, thiz smellz good....I am starting to remember the place since I DID live there when I was a newly adopted kitteh. I think Grammy & Grampy like that I behave better now that I am 'mature' MOL!

See here iz Maizee peaking out from under the sofa, big scardy cat MOL MOL!

"I iz nawt scared, I iz juzt getting mah bewty sleep four when I makez mah apperence>>>TADAH!! Pluz Grampy'z power toolz made vary lowd noizez that evin Murf staid away WHO'z thu fraidy cat now???!!! snicker"

Actually both cats did their share of 'hide & seek' but gladly came out for some raw shrimp courtesy of Grammy, they also got some wet food (treat) and would've had a piece of steak if Mom hadn't accidentally flushed it down the sink...sorry guys! There was a 'bathroom' incident though that I completely didn't know had happened>>>Grammy went to the potty not knowing Maizee was in there, to which Maizee freaked at being closed in & started howling & scratching @the door. This brought Murf running to her rescue on the other side of the door, where he then started howling & scratching too....AAWW he was trying to save his little sister, see they DO love each other.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look what Mawm bought....

I actually got this awhile ago but was having problems getting the pictures downloaded, isnt it a BEAUT??!! I went to help @Miss Kitty's (rescue group I volunteer for) rummage sale and the minute I walked in the door I saw it & HAD TO HAVE IT. Luckily I arrived just in time for the 50% markdown of ALL items AND got first dibs cuz I was a volunteer>>>so I got it for $37.50 & its in EXCELLENT condition!

I have always wanted a bench like this for my 'mud room', you know so you can sit & remove boots etc. It also has storage under the bench like I desired, so I was like PERFECT! All the ones I had found so far had coat hooks on the top but I already have those built into the wall so this will sit right under those. I will try to get photos of it when it is 'positioned' but have to remove some 'lower' hooks first.