Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We have a mini blizzard blowing thru & there is nothing to do but hunker down @home w/my kittehs...who still get mesmerized by the falling snow.

Maizee gazing out the window as the snow starts intense.

"that wite stuf iz coming frum up ther sumwher..."

Looking down our street this morning, now you cant even see the street, STILL haven't seen or heard any plows. Supposed to snow all nite & most tomorrow, I bet alotta neighbors will be staying home.....


  1. BARK! We barely made it out of town. We saw a dog WAY BIGGER than me in the middle of the road. Mommy said it was majestic.
    BARK! Sasha the Princess

  2. Very beautiful pictures in the snow, one day I can play in the snow because here in Brazil has no snow, just hot! Hehehe

    I'm your new friend and I'm following you!