Thursday, October 28, 2010

Another Maxster Halloween

Halloween '99 and Max is totally anticipating the night of trick or treaters. Pumpkin, CHECK! Decorations, CHECK! Candy, CHECK! We were all set...

Here he is admiring my pumpkin carving. I put a rat on top of the pumpkin to scare him, nothing scares HIM.

"Nice try Mama but you didnt scare me....sheesh how immature!"

"Ok we're all ready, bring on the candy beggars. HELLOOO, where's all the kids??!!"

Sadly we were living in a townhome @the time so not only did we not have much room to decorate but didnt have many trick or treaters. Max still enjoyed what little did come by.


  1. Max, Rumblemum thinks that you'd be a wonderful treat if she knocked on your door!

  2. Aw Mum, thanx!! We feel the same way...HUGZ!