Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up & smell the snow.....

We got a pleasant surprise this morning...we got our first 'real' snow last nite, you know the kind that STICKS. I was a little excited but the M's were more like YAWN. I did capture Maizee peaking out the front door @it, since she is so young she is still a tad curious about this 'white crap' that covers our yard.

"Hmmm thu groundz gawt white stuf on it, how are thu birdiez gona find ther stashed pnutz now???"

"HELLOOOO, are yoo birdiez still out there...yoo better comez move your nutz befour it REELY snowz. Guyz??? Mawm wherz all OUR birdiez today????"

She is referring to our Blue Jays that are usually quite loud @this time, I go out & just whistle and they come flying for peanuts and then hide them all over the yard. We have a particular 'pair' that seem to hang around our house so have come to assume they are working & dad. But today none were to be seen or heard, this cold snowfall has even sent them into warm hiding.

Monday, November 22, 2010

Good Nite Dear Inigo....

It is with GREAT sadness that we share w/you the passing of a very very special kitty...Inigo started his journey this wknd to the Rainbow Bridge, his Rumblefamily had to let him go and are heartbroken...Inigo was only four years old :( He was a Ragdoll and best buddies w/his brother Rumbles, a Maine Coon who is going to miss his best friend very much! We are sending PURRayers their way & holding them all in our hearts. RUN FREE INIGO!!!

Thursday, November 11, 2010

Ray, a cat's best friend...

The temps plunged pretty low rather quickly here, so what's a kitteh to do but look up their best friend Ray (sun ray) and share some quality time. Looks as is Murf found him in one of the small yet high windows in the bedroom...the sun usually only shines on that NW side of the house.

"Wut, itz warm HERE. Look no feet...MOL MOL!!"

Monday, November 8, 2010

Murfee is shipping early for Xmas....

With the holidays just around the corner, we thought we'd get a head start on our Christmas mailing...especially the big packages as they take a bit longer. Here goes our first and most special one...

Ok Murfee get in the box, GOOD BOY!!

"now whut??" You need to get ALL the way in, crouch down....

"like thiz??" Yes Murf, very we can close the box to send.

Ok now stay down while I go get tape to seal the box....BRB.

"wait a minute, did Mawm say TAPE...and SEND??!! when she said i wuz mailing early i thought i wuz 'shipping', not BEING SHIPPED!!"