Wednesday, December 29, 2010

We have a mini blizzard blowing thru & there is nothing to do but hunker down @home w/my kittehs...who still get mesmerized by the falling snow.

Maizee gazing out the window as the snow starts intense.

"that wite stuf iz coming frum up ther sumwher..."

Looking down our street this morning, now you cant even see the street, STILL haven't seen or heard any plows. Supposed to snow all nite & most tomorrow, I bet alotta neighbors will be staying home.....

Sunday, December 26, 2010

Santa cometh again!

Mawm came home from Grammy & Grampy'z w/stockingz Santa left there for uz, maybe he'z confuzed cuz mawm & Murf uzed to live there. We got sooo much more stuffz, OMC it'z like xmaz all over again...well it WUZ still xmaz LOL! She alzo brought uz some roazt beef & SHRIMP from xmaz dinner, we NOM NOM NOMMED on it...THANKZ Grammy!!

See thu cute stockingz grammy gotz for uz...soooo cute!

Maizee inspectz thu newly delivered stockingz, "wutz inzide mawm??!!"

LOOK LOOK...more treatz, wet food (stinky goodnezz), AND 2 squeakie fishiez!!!

Watch out Murfee, here comes a big red goldfish..."squeak squeak"

Murf sniff sniff sniffs the fishie before....

deciding that nomming on treats is much more appealing...NOM NOM NOM!!!

Maizee takes over & tries to get her some 'fishie'..."I'v got yoo my prety"....

Both cats are grateful for the humans they have in their lives & all their blessings...they have warmth, food, toys, love, and an abundance of cuddles!! We want to remember all the creatures in the world who arent as lucky, especially in the winter.

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Xmas Morn'

OMC OMC OMC, Santa came!! Mawm said he would but we wernt sure cuz we iz kinda poor thiz year...mawm iz still out of work (sigh). There wernt 'prezentz' but our stocking wuz STUFFED....look at what ALL we gotz!! But firzt mawm put our stocking on the dezk while she got thu camera ready & I couldnt wait~HA HA, I reached up & tried to grab it.....

"SWAT SWAT...ooh i'z too short, maybe if i stand on my tippy toez...."

Align Center
"I caaaan aaaalmost reeeach iiiiiit...." SWIPE SWIPE!!(bigefy the picturez)

LOOK AT THIZ LOOT! Cat nip, hard & soft cat treatz AND 2 brand new chirping birdiez...we LOVE thoze OMC OMC!

"CHOMP" Maizee put thu bitie on thu birdie...omc itz stuck to cardboard. MAWM!

SNIFF SNIFF, mawm can we haz some of theze treatz??!! PLEAZE!
(yes they got some but those AND other pics got deleted...oops)

Mamw sayz even though we are her 'kidz' she still missez xmaz morningz w/her REAL kid Brittney who iz now 26 & haz a little one of her own. BUT she sayz at leazt OUR toyz dont need batteriez MOL MOL!

Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today when mawm steped owtside i snuk thru thu screendor, whitch wuznt latched...teee heee! Mawm wuznt so hapy tho cuz she saw Murfee trying to ezcape too & thatz when she realized I wuz GONE! I wuz hiding under thu shed....shhhh!

She finaly saw me peak out but i wuldnt come to her cuz it wuz all wet & snowmelt wuz dropping EVERYWHER....pluz i wuz scared cuz i wuz probably in truble~RUH ROH!

Mawm banged on thu shed & blew thu airhorn but i wuznt budging, she wuz afraid to go inside cuz i might wandur off. FINALY i had enuf & started crying so mawm crawled down & coaxed me out a litle & wuz able to grab my scruf...whew it wuz nice to be outa ther, cold & muzty! Mawm WAS mad tho & said i getz no fudge for xmaz now.....yah like she evur givs us any goodyz she bakez.
Prety kewl adventur huh??!!

Sunday, December 19, 2010

Jingle Tails, Jingle Tails... MOL!

Mawm'z been feeling fluish all wknd so we'z thought we'd blog for her & what better way to ring in the holiday seazon but with a lovely carol sung by ALL our furenz on YouTube! We thinkz you will enjoy it & SEAZON'Z GREETINGZ to ALL God'z creaturez. PURRZZ, Maizee & Murf


Sunday, December 12, 2010

Easy Like Sunday....

Maizee is basking in the splash of sunlight that graces their cat tower for only a short while in the morning hours. I snuck up on her & to my surprise she stayed in the same spot (for once) and I actually got some still shots of her...these are rather rare as she is ALWAYS 'on the go'! She even seemed to 'pose' for some close ups>>>an even bigger rarity.

"I iz in thu sunshine, starring out thu window, hoping for birdiez"

"Oh hi, you snucked up on mee...I wuz meditating."

"but soon turned to MUSH, dont i look mooshy??!! i luvz mah BOOGIE MAT, see it undur mee..."

"Then up for a glamer shot, dont i look meowgnifsently floofy & gorguz??!!! i iz stunning..."

"Thez iz how i normally look...but i likez the GLAM shot better! maybee i shuld get some walletz made, send them to all mah MAN CAT furenz"