Wednesday, February 24, 2010

COMING SOON to a Blog near you..

"Psssst.....come closer, I have something to share with you. It's a coming attraction and it's starring ME Murf. Mom has already posted baby pics of Maizee and how she came to be 'adawpted', but due to a techinal difficulty wasn't able to post MINE. ALL of my pics were on Grammy's computer that crashed recently and she feared they might have been lost forever. Thankfully they were saved and as soon as Mom can can get over there to copy them, I will be a STAR, mol! I am not so much a 'limelight' kitty but I have heard in my hayday I WAS, and (blushing) have been told I was a pretty cute little guy....not to mention very photogenic ;) " So please stay tuned, especially those Bengal cats in Washington that Mom is always raving about...I thought I could take that Uschi until I saw his aquatic escape into the pond, what a BAD ASS!!! You HAVE to see it">>>>

Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Messyness...

Usually the cat toys are kept neatly in a petbed in one spot, ALWAYS the same spot. Why they wont sleep in their beds is beyond me, but it doubles as their 'catchall'. Imagine my surprise when I came home tonite to find that not only were more toys than normal scattered, but somehow they had pulled/drug the petbed out quite a ways???

What's up w/THIS??!! Someone did some rearranging, "Thanks guys, but mom liked things the way they were". FYI that petbed isnt real light so it took some work to move...these are the times I wish I had a kittycam ;) Of course Maizee had to get in the picture, ham that she is.

(I think I finally figured out what made the petbed so askew, I had sprinkled catnip on it on Sunday>>>>guess they 'got their buzz on' when they discovered it a day later LOL!)

Sunday, February 14, 2010


It is rare to see the M's snuggled up all amicable, but on this COLD night there they were>>>all 'palsy walsy'. Maizee WILL curl up next to Mufee if she is scared or thinks he is, but it is NEVER the other way around. Murf DOES love her in his own way...will show concern if she's crying, etc.

"Two's company AND warmer ;) We'z just conserving energy..."

"Turn off the light plz, we trying to snooze...Thx mom"

(note from Mom:Sorry some pics are soooo dark but we live in an old house and not many outlets...)

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Siesta...

By the looks of these pics it DOES look like Maizee has curled up for a wknd nap on my desk chair, but these pics were actually taken the other nite while her Grammy was using my computer (her's crashed). Grammy must've made the seat nice & warm cuz after she got up from it, who did we find but Maizee...who had CLAIMED it....remember she's still the 'baby' so EVERYTHING is hers!

"ZZZZ...fishies n birdies n mousies......Uh oh, hoomans are interfering........"

'WHUT, it wuz emptee n it wuz warm! Wutz myne iz myne n wutz yourz iz myne MOL!"

"Yoo wunt thu chare bak? I CANT HEER YOO" Do i lewk aloof???