Thursday, December 23, 2010


Today when mawm steped owtside i snuk thru thu screendor, whitch wuznt latched...teee heee! Mawm wuznt so hapy tho cuz she saw Murfee trying to ezcape too & thatz when she realized I wuz GONE! I wuz hiding under thu shed....shhhh!

She finaly saw me peak out but i wuldnt come to her cuz it wuz all wet & snowmelt wuz dropping EVERYWHER....pluz i wuz scared cuz i wuz probably in truble~RUH ROH!

Mawm banged on thu shed & blew thu airhorn but i wuznt budging, she wuz afraid to go inside cuz i might wandur off. FINALY i had enuf & started crying so mawm crawled down & coaxed me out a litle & wuz able to grab my scruf...whew it wuz nice to be outa ther, cold & muzty! Mawm WAS mad tho & said i getz no fudge for xmaz now.....yah like she evur givs us any goodyz she bakez.
Prety kewl adventur huh??!!

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  1. Somehow we don't think your mom thought that was a kewl adventur. LOL.

    A very happy holiday to you all. Merry Christmas! Stay safe! :-D