Saturday, August 4, 2012

Giddy up Murf!

 Murfee looks like he's wearing a saddle, but no...he got shaved :(

   "Look wut they didz to me, mah backside iz BARE....i iz so expozed" 

"NO you cant ride me like a SMALL PONY, Maizee!!!" 
Him's tushy was all matted so he had to be GROOMED, his first time and he behaved so badly they couldn't even shampoo him....he pitched a fit!

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

WE IZ BACK, With A TALL Tale OMC!!!!

 So Maizee decided to climb her first tree last week, a 100 ft pine where she got stuck on a branch @about 35-50 feet...literally since she doesn't know how to climb DOWN. You can see her head & ears shadowed about 3/4 the way up, left of and close to the trunk.

  I tweaked the pic a bit (bigefy it) & you can see my poor kitteh's precarious situation>>>she's the dark spot amongst the pineage (word?) and on a limb just to the left of the trunk. She was petrified, as was Mama!! :O

This is MY thanks from Maizee after my boyfriend Fred (her NEW daddy) climbed up not one, but TWO ladders to finally bring her down. The fire dept, human society and police dept all wouldn't respond to Fred's frantic calls, but 8 hours later & MUCHO thanks to my neighbors who's tree it was>>>she was 'wrangled down'. OMG what a Friday night!!!

And this is HER HINEYNESS exhausted after her long and harrowing ordeal. She cried herself almost hoarse and was completely exhausted having been perched precariously for so many hours. Her little cries were so pathetic, it was heartbreaking trying to find a resolution to such an unexpected situation.