Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This box is bad news...

Today was supposed to be Watchful Wednesday where Mawm posts a kewl video but today she wasnt up to blogging @all! She did come home from work early with a box of foreign items to us, a pwesent...for us??!! Of course we had to inspect it, me more so than Maiz cuz she was afraid of it...dopey cat.

I is first to check it out...sniff sniff, smells VERY unlike our house things.

Hmmmm, WHATS in here, dis stuff is odd......

I shall keep inspecting it, but in the meantime please feel free to admire my FLOOFY Maine tail.

Maizee finally got the courage to check out the 'alien' in the house...sniff sniff, rub rub.

She got bored (scared shhhh) but I still "Inspector Merfette" here. C'mon Mawm, what's dis stuff????

This is one of the many boxes of things she brought home from work today after corporate came in today and announced they were closing her office effective immediately OMC! Does that mean no more treats, toys, food??!!! She said of course not, we will be ok for a little while but there's always the shed in the front yard we could move into.... No she's just being sarcastic cuz she's still in shock, we gonna give her lotsa loves & purrrrzzzz tonite~~~she says its been a very bad week w/all these events. We will keep you posted.

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another critter has left us.....

Unfortunately enrollment has been up @the Rainbow Bridge, yesterday they also welcomed little Rocky-a pet squirrel. His humans (mom & dad) are very sad as it was rather sudden after they had just had to set Rocky free, but he came home for some last lovin' and that is where he passed away. Please pop over to send his family nice words if you can & let's hope there is no more admittance to the Rainbow Bridge for awhile now.
His mom says this is a picture of him enjoying fresh air and his freedom, lets hope his last few days were just a dress rehearsal for the real thing when he crossed the Rainbow.
"See you later little feller, you will be missed....."

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Somber Sunday....

Mawn said in light of Keiko'z sudden crozzing to the Rainbow Bridge, she would let uz blog today...she haz been very sad & haz very watery eyez. We woke her at 3am just to check on her, yup she'z still sad & said go ahead & blogz. We thought that since Keiko had a sizter too, I would show you me & MY (bratty) sizter in one of our first pikturez together shortly after Mawm brought Maizee home to live with uz furever. (Mawm said BAD Murfee for the 'bratty' comment...but she IZ!)

Mawm went outzide to take our piktur, see how much bigger I iz...

See how tiny Maiz wuz, she haz growed sooooo much since then>>>the shelter said she was a year but we found out she wuz much younger and she alzo went from 6 lbz to 11 lbz in just a few monthz so we knewz she was still a baby when we got her. Mawm was shocked at thiz pikture, she forgot how little Maizee wuz, we are about the same size now (except Maizee's fatter)
Again, BAD Murfee!

We alzo want to add that we too are sad of Keiko's passing and are sending many PUUURRRRZZZ to her girl hooman Tina, sizter Luna, woofie Trixie and boy hooman Brian xoxoxoxo

Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye sister Keiko

It is w/GREAT sadness that I post of just finding out that sweet little Keiko had to be guided to the Rainbow Bridge today where she will now be comfortable again. Please offer her mawm/hooman Tina & family your condolences, but Keiko also had a twin sister who will be missing her sibling VERY much>>>Luna too will be needing alotta purrzz & nice thoughts. My heart breaks for everyone right now as I have followed their blog for awhile and it was always so special, alotta love & fun in that household, the kittehs even had their own catland in the basement and the humans were always improving on it.

Good night Keiko T Katt, you were very loved and will be missed even more!!!!

What's for dinner????

"Mawm'z cookeng sumpin reelly tazty smelleng, I hope she brengz me sum to thu table here! Ok Mawm, I redies to eet...all I knead is a bib so I kan start NOMS NOMS NOMS"

Actually I just baked a frozen rising crust pizza and I always sprinkle it w/garlic powder>>>makes for a tastier pizza and the crust is more delish. No, the M's dont usually get a sample....although there are more 'kitteh friendly' items that come out of the kitchen and end up in their dishes as a special treat (mainly meat & cheese).

NOTE: This is a very old picture of Maizee, she was probably barely 1 there....still just a baby.

Friday, June 25, 2010

Keiko needs some PURRayers

Keiko has become a critically ill kitteh in a very short period of time and the vet is very concerned with the rapid course of her decline. She is only 3 1/2 years old and facing some very serious issues, my heart just breaks for her mawm and also what the sweet lil girl is going thru. I donated a very small amount and if you cant do the same can you @least please just send her some purrrrzzz or barkzzz.....her mawm appreciates ALL the support she gets! Yes I know I can be very INVOLVED w/these things, but I do animal rescue so always do what I can for an animal less fortunate than my 2 healthy, well loved, fed, housed, and very grateful kittehs....

Keiko's Blog>>>>

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The AIR HORN!! (shhhh)

In previous posts I have mentioned the 'air horn' I use to get the M's attention, whether it be to break up a fight or to stop some has proven to be VERY effective. I had been wanting to get a boat horn to WAIL when needed as hand clapping, shouting, stomping and other every day actions can become confusing and/or obsolete.

I happened upon these AIR HORNS @the dollar store @the end of last yr and "Perfect!". I grabbed 5 but was wondering if I should buy them all @$1 a piece...nope got just enough. After the first few full BLASTS, all I had to do was just 'toot' it and now all I have to do sometimes is just reach for it....they know!

Got one here @my desk, for scuffles and 'what not' when I'm on the computer.....don't even gotta get up LOL!

Got one in the kitchen, it's a small area so I get tired of shouting OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

Got one by the front door, real effective in keeping kittehs from trying to scurry out....

And by the back door too, just for the same reason....

They have even come in handy for other things>>>New Year's Eve, scaring Javelina out of the yard, and I'm sure I can use one if I've fallen and cant get up LOL! I live alone so these are very useful w/out disturbing anyone else and I ALWAYS warn my visitors before I have to give my cats a disciplinary 'toot'.
So goes life w/the rambunctious M's, gotta love them!

Sunday, June 20, 2010

We are>>>Team Keiko!!!

One of the kittehz that mawm followz on our blog haz become ill & iz having tezts ran, thiz makez uz very sad cuz we'z dont wantz any kittehz to be sick. Maybe if some of youz go over & wizh her a speedy recovery it will helpz, her hooman iz very worried & the dr billz mite be quite expenzive>>>hooman even set up a fund on her blog to help w/the moneyz. We cant send moneyz cuz we dont hav jobz (much to mawmz dizmay MOL!) but we sure are pulling for Keiko and sending lotza PUUUURRRRRZZZZ her way....pleaze do the same.
We'z are all in thiz togedder, Murf & Maiz

Mawm says even sending $5 would help (it all adds up) as the hooman is having
VERY hard timez now, thank you all for reading....

Happy Grampy Day!!

The M's no longer have contact w/their dad's, so MY dad...their the closest thing and he does a pretty good job of it! Murfee actually got to live w/Grampy when I first got him & was staying w/my folks still.

But surprisingly it is MAIZEE who has Grampy wrapped around her little paw, but that is to be expected as she is just a lil luv bug.

Both kittehs though are equally fond of their Grampy and he has been their caretaker when I go out of town>>>will even come over just to turn the A/C on a bit for them and play w/them. They LOOOOVE their Grampy bunches and want to wish him a HAPPY FADDER'S DAY!!! PUUUUUURRRRZZZZ xoxoxoxoxoxoxoxo

His was also a father to MY daughter as her dad wasnt in her life much. They have such a special bond and she IS the apple of his eye.

Here's Dad all gussied up for his group The Prescott Regulators and their Shady Ladies, handsome isn't he???

There's that look that used to put the fear of god into us girls, LOL!

Here's a toast to you Pops, you are the bestest father ever and we all love you soooooo much!!!

Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Friday...

I am hoping to blog again real soon but just been busy doing yard work every evening because next week is the annual clean up for Prescott and the garbage company will pick up all our excess trash. Boy does our yard need it since it has like 3 years of a layer of pine needles and other yard debris....very woodsy where we live. See how BIG the front yard is, it's alotta work but it's worth it, we LOVE living here in the pines.....

So in the meantime I would like to share another amusing video w/you. This is a friendly beaver on the welcome wagon for Canada and is just hilarious!!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Watchful Wednesday

This is the cutest darned video of a cat playing I SPY with their owner, you all have to watch it!!!

Sunday, June 13, 2010

Murf's Mug Shot

I have this picture as my wallpaper on my cell phone, every time I look @it or show it to someone it reminds us of a 'mug shot' as in booking photo LOL! It's a double meaning though as it is also a pic of Murfee's big mug, he does have a big head....literally! ((but we dont tell HIM) And what's w/that serious look on his face........stare into my eyes, your getting sleepy....very sleepy. HEHE

"What do you mean now turn to the right....someone call my lawyer!"

Monday, June 7, 2010

Goof on the roof....

This morning while getting ready for work I thought I heard someone calling my name, finally I popped outside to see who it was and I heard Maizee meowing...of course she was upstairs and all the windows were still open. I looked up before I headed back in and there she was, ON THE ROOF!!! It had been my neighbor yelling for me cuz she had seen her on the overhang....she had probably fallen out when she put weight on the screen. They are VERY old screens that are only held by a latch hook @the bottom that I had crimped, but it must've worked itself out. The cats literally lay IN the deep window sill...I'm lucky there is the overhang beneath it "whew!". I got a ladder but she wouldn't come close enough for me to grab her, so DUH I ran upstairs and lifted the screen and coaxed her to jump back up into the window. I am grateful she is so obedient and stayed put up there...had it been Murfee, different story! He was rescued from the streets so has an adventurous streak and will venture whenever the opportunity presents.

The window on the right is the culprit, the one on the left's screen has become too frayed @the bottom to leave it open for the cats.

See the big overhang that caught our precious Maizee...Murf would've jumped down from there in a flash and been off on an adventure and I probably would never have known YIKES!

From the overhang she jumped up onto the roof and had gone to the rear when I peaked out the back door. She was frantic "meow meow, help help Mawmmy", she was sooooo relieved when she got back inside......rolled all over my bed and showed me her tummies. "Thanks Mawmmy!!" Maizee is a VERY quiet cat and usually only cries (little baby mews) when she's distressed or scared. Gonna keep her close tonite and the upstairs stays closed off until I can fix that screen.

As is life in an old house in the pines of Prescott, it's never dull LOL! Just Friday night I had a pack of Javelinas pass in the yard behind mine, I went up to the fence & counted @least 7-8 and spotted 2 babies trotting in btwn the adults....they were 'grunting' the whole way....

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweaty SUNday!!!

Mawm alwayz sayz we are juzt little people in cat suitz, but thiz wknd I thinkz we are in sweat haz been soooo HOT! Today is suppozed to hit *91 (mawm sayz) which is high for thiz time of year AND we live in the pinez. We are mountain catz , we no like thiz heat...pluz our breed makez uz very furry "pant, pant pant". Mawm sayz we cant sweat but we sure like like to fight over the only window she will leave open sometimez... she sayz we need to keep the houze clozed to stay cool, whatever!! So we havz no choice but to sleep aaaaalllll day then MOL!

Can you tell WHO thiz iz snoozing on the window sill???

How about now??? Thiz kitteh is out cold...MOL!

Look at that sweet face, Grammy alwayz sayz itz heart shaped <3 It'z the little girl, MAIZEE! "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"