Monday, September 6, 2010

"Over the river and through the woodz... Grandmother'z houze we go!" Yezterday Mawm took uz to Grammy & Grampy'z for the day while THEY put together a new hutch>>>and WE juzt 'kicked it'. I of courze waz my charming self but Maizee waz a big fraidy cat & hid (slept) under the sofa mozt the time.

Here I iz being so well behaved! (of courze thiz was before me & Maiz both tried to squeeze into Grampy'z office window & knocked over hiz stereo & stuff...ooopz! Sowwy Grampy)

Hmmm, thiz smellz good....I am starting to remember the place since I DID live there when I was a newly adopted kitteh. I think Grammy & Grampy like that I behave better now that I am 'mature' MOL!

See here iz Maizee peaking out from under the sofa, big scardy cat MOL MOL!

"I iz nawt scared, I iz juzt getting mah bewty sleep four when I makez mah apperence>>>TADAH!! Pluz Grampy'z power toolz made vary lowd noizez that evin Murf staid away WHO'z thu fraidy cat now???!!! snicker"

Actually both cats did their share of 'hide & seek' but gladly came out for some raw shrimp courtesy of Grammy, they also got some wet food (treat) and would've had a piece of steak if Mom hadn't accidentally flushed it down the sink...sorry guys! There was a 'bathroom' incident though that I completely didn't know had happened>>>Grammy went to the potty not knowing Maizee was in there, to which Maizee freaked at being closed in & started howling & scratching @the door. This brought Murf running to her rescue on the other side of the door, where he then started howling & scratching too....AAWW he was trying to save his little sister, see they DO love each other.


  1. We're really impressed that you were that good (we think). Except to go to the v-e-t, we've not left our home since we were adopted. Our human thinks we'd totally freak if we were taken to another home, even with our human in tow. Okay, maybe Nicki would be okay, but not Annie Derry!

  2. BARK! Hey, I recognize that Lair. That is My grammy and grampy's house! I hope you left me some good kitty smells to find on my next visit. BARK! Your Princess Cuz

  3. yaaarr thanks fur stoppin' by to come on arr voyage today !