Sunday, November 28, 2010

Wake up & smell the snow.....

We got a pleasant surprise this morning...we got our first 'real' snow last nite, you know the kind that STICKS. I was a little excited but the M's were more like YAWN. I did capture Maizee peaking out the front door @it, since she is so young she is still a tad curious about this 'white crap' that covers our yard.

"Hmmm thu groundz gawt white stuf on it, how are thu birdiez gona find ther stashed pnutz now???"

"HELLOOOO, are yoo birdiez still out there...yoo better comez move your nutz befour it REELY snowz. Guyz??? Mawm wherz all OUR birdiez today????"

She is referring to our Blue Jays that are usually quite loud @this time, I go out & just whistle and they come flying for peanuts and then hide them all over the yard. We have a particular 'pair' that seem to hang around our house so have come to assume they are working & dad. But today none were to be seen or heard, this cold snowfall has even sent them into warm hiding.


  1. I hopes your birdies come back to you, theese "Blue Jays" are excellent ones, I gots to watch some of theese ones last winter when my Grandma took care of me. Now, I'z lacking in the birdie department and I'z not impressed. PS: We'z very sweet on Maine Coons at my Headquarters. (Do you two has really hairy paws?)