Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Happy Halloween Max!

My last cat Max used to LOVE Halloween and would even wait anxiously by the door for the trick or treaters. He was so adorable & friendly that EVERYONE wanted to pet while I handed out treats, Max was getting his own treats>>>all the attention a handsome boy could want! I will be sharing some of his holiday pics in the next couple posts leading up to Halloween...

'97 his 2nd Halloween and he is practicing his 'cuteness' for the candy beggars.

'98 and he is just back from the groomers...hence the festive colors in his bow. He HATED the bows but tolerated them cuz it led to our "oohing & ahing" over him MOL!

'98 and chomping on HIS pumpkin, yes every year he got his very own little pumpkin...and every year he would chomp on it. Sadly I didn't carry on that traditional w/the M's.

Even though Halloween is my absolute favroite holiday and I have TONS of decor I dont really decorate anymore cuz my daughter is grown, Max is gone and I haven't gotten Trick or Treaters where I have lived lately. Some year my dream is to live in a place that is all around accommodating for me to have the best dressed crib on Halloween AND be able to share it w/others...mostly the wee ones.

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