Saturday, October 16, 2010

Good will hunting....

So I was tossing some of my late Grandmother's OLD crochet booklets in the recycling bin when some fell outside & after I had picked them up there was an envelope on the ground w/my Grama's name on it. It was laying there all by itself so @first I thought "I" had dropped it, but when I saw my Grama's name & the return addr I knew it was a 'find'. I figured it was probably receipts but DID relish "What if it was $$$?"...

It WAS!! There were 11 $2 dollar bills (1976) in a thin billfold. YES Grama actually slipped me $22 from 'beyond' just when I needed it>>>she hasn't changed♥ "I love & miss you Grama!!!" xoxoxoxo

(what a cool 'sign' from Heaven, huh? My mom has had those booklets since Grama passed in '01 AND they were sitting in my driveway since last weeks yard sale. Amazing that "I" found that WAS on it's last stop before the recycling yard.)


  1. That is absolutely cool! We like to think your Grama definitely is watching and arranged it all!

  2. WOW-- now that is COOL beans! Not only did she slip you $22, but she made you trip and fall. Can you imagine her ghost (not that I beleive in that) sticking her foot out and making you fall? HAH! I could see her doing that!
    Miss her too.
    Sasha's mommy