Wednesday, June 30, 2010

This box is bad news...

Today was supposed to be Watchful Wednesday where Mawm posts a kewl video but today she wasnt up to blogging @all! She did come home from work early with a box of foreign items to us, a pwesent...for us??!! Of course we had to inspect it, me more so than Maiz cuz she was afraid of it...dopey cat.

I is first to check it out...sniff sniff, smells VERY unlike our house things.

Hmmmm, WHATS in here, dis stuff is odd......

I shall keep inspecting it, but in the meantime please feel free to admire my FLOOFY Maine tail.

Maizee finally got the courage to check out the 'alien' in the house...sniff sniff, rub rub.

She got bored (scared shhhh) but I still "Inspector Merfette" here. C'mon Mawm, what's dis stuff????

This is one of the many boxes of things she brought home from work today after corporate came in today and announced they were closing her office effective immediately OMC! Does that mean no more treats, toys, food??!!! She said of course not, we will be ok for a little while but there's always the shed in the front yard we could move into.... No she's just being sarcastic cuz she's still in shock, we gonna give her lotsa loves & purrrrzzzz tonite~~~she says its been a very bad week w/all these events. We will keep you posted.


  1. OMC I'm sorry to her dis noos! I'm sending lots of Purrs and hugggggs from me and my Hooman!
    Luna =^_^=

  2. BARK! yes, THE BOX is not a good thing. Mommy brought THE BOX home twice, and daddy didnt get it either time. Dumb puppy. Finally on a TV show, he saw a girl walk into the room with THE BOX and remembered it is NOT good news. We are sorry for your mommy. If you need catfood sent your way, let us know. BARK! Sasha the Princess

  3. ACK!! sorry to read this,... Best wishes. T,U,V,L,&L