Monday, June 7, 2010

Goof on the roof....

This morning while getting ready for work I thought I heard someone calling my name, finally I popped outside to see who it was and I heard Maizee meowing...of course she was upstairs and all the windows were still open. I looked up before I headed back in and there she was, ON THE ROOF!!! It had been my neighbor yelling for me cuz she had seen her on the overhang....she had probably fallen out when she put weight on the screen. They are VERY old screens that are only held by a latch hook @the bottom that I had crimped, but it must've worked itself out. The cats literally lay IN the deep window sill...I'm lucky there is the overhang beneath it "whew!". I got a ladder but she wouldn't come close enough for me to grab her, so DUH I ran upstairs and lifted the screen and coaxed her to jump back up into the window. I am grateful she is so obedient and stayed put up there...had it been Murfee, different story! He was rescued from the streets so has an adventurous streak and will venture whenever the opportunity presents.

The window on the right is the culprit, the one on the left's screen has become too frayed @the bottom to leave it open for the cats.

See the big overhang that caught our precious Maizee...Murf would've jumped down from there in a flash and been off on an adventure and I probably would never have known YIKES!

From the overhang she jumped up onto the roof and had gone to the rear when I peaked out the back door. She was frantic "meow meow, help help Mawmmy", she was sooooo relieved when she got back inside......rolled all over my bed and showed me her tummies. "Thanks Mawmmy!!" Maizee is a VERY quiet cat and usually only cries (little baby mews) when she's distressed or scared. Gonna keep her close tonite and the upstairs stays closed off until I can fix that screen.

As is life in an old house in the pines of Prescott, it's never dull LOL! Just Friday night I had a pack of Javelinas pass in the yard behind mine, I went up to the fence & counted @least 7-8 and spotted 2 babies trotting in btwn the adults....they were 'grunting' the whole way....


  1. Glad Maizee listens to Mawmmy,... so nice of her to show her appreciation too. >;-)

  2. Yes I am lucky both my cats are well behaved cats, except later that night she ran outside like 3 times when I was going in & out. Guess she got a 'taste' of adventure and wanted to expand on it LOL! Your Bengals also appear to be pretty mindful....