Saturday, June 26, 2010

What's for dinner????

"Mawm'z cookeng sumpin reelly tazty smelleng, I hope she brengz me sum to thu table here! Ok Mawm, I redies to eet...all I knead is a bib so I kan start NOMS NOMS NOMS"

Actually I just baked a frozen rising crust pizza and I always sprinkle it w/garlic powder>>>makes for a tastier pizza and the crust is more delish. No, the M's dont usually get a sample....although there are more 'kitteh friendly' items that come out of the kitchen and end up in their dishes as a special treat (mainly meat & cheese).

NOTE: This is a very old picture of Maizee, she was probably barely 1 there....still just a baby.

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