Sunday, June 20, 2010

We are>>>Team Keiko!!!

One of the kittehz that mawm followz on our blog haz become ill & iz having tezts ran, thiz makez uz very sad cuz we'z dont wantz any kittehz to be sick. Maybe if some of youz go over & wizh her a speedy recovery it will helpz, her hooman iz very worried & the dr billz mite be quite expenzive>>>hooman even set up a fund on her blog to help w/the moneyz. We cant send moneyz cuz we dont hav jobz (much to mawmz dizmay MOL!) but we sure are pulling for Keiko and sending lotza PUUUURRRRRZZZZ her way....pleaze do the same.
We'z are all in thiz togedder, Murf & Maiz

Mawm says even sending $5 would help (it all adds up) as the hooman is having
VERY hard timez now, thank you all for reading....


  1. PURRS! Fangs fur posting about Keiko and visiting our bloggie. She goes in tomorrow bright and early. We'll be sure to post when she gets home tomorrow night

  2. Well thank you for keeping in touch, I totally feel for you as my cats are my babies too. Good luck tomor!!!!