Sunday, June 27, 2010

Somber Sunday....

Mawn said in light of Keiko'z sudden crozzing to the Rainbow Bridge, she would let uz blog today...she haz been very sad & haz very watery eyez. We woke her at 3am just to check on her, yup she'z still sad & said go ahead & blogz. We thought that since Keiko had a sizter too, I would show you me & MY (bratty) sizter in one of our first pikturez together shortly after Mawm brought Maizee home to live with uz furever. (Mawm said BAD Murfee for the 'bratty' comment...but she IZ!)

Mawm went outzide to take our piktur, see how much bigger I iz...

See how tiny Maiz wuz, she haz growed sooooo much since then>>>the shelter said she was a year but we found out she wuz much younger and she alzo went from 6 lbz to 11 lbz in just a few monthz so we knewz she was still a baby when we got her. Mawm was shocked at thiz pikture, she forgot how little Maizee wuz, we are about the same size now (except Maizee's fatter)
Again, BAD Murfee!

We alzo want to add that we too are sad of Keiko's passing and are sending many PUUURRRRZZZ to her girl hooman Tina, sizter Luna, woofie Trixie and boy hooman Brian xoxoxoxo


  1. Thank you furry much; is hard. I see reminders of her all over da house but cannot find where she hides...


  2. We hopez you are doing betterz today Luna, it only seemz like your sissy is hiding but she's really juzt been moved to a place in your heart. Itz hard & it hurtz (we know) but you gotz all the kittehz in the world purraying for you nowz, juzt be tough for Mawm! xoxoxoxo (((Luna)))