Friday, June 18, 2010

Finally Friday...

I am hoping to blog again real soon but just been busy doing yard work every evening because next week is the annual clean up for Prescott and the garbage company will pick up all our excess trash. Boy does our yard need it since it has like 3 years of a layer of pine needles and other yard debris....very woodsy where we live. See how BIG the front yard is, it's alotta work but it's worth it, we LOVE living here in the pines.....

So in the meantime I would like to share another amusing video w/you. This is a friendly beaver on the welcome wagon for Canada and is just hilarious!!!!!!


  1. Fangs fur stopping by our blog about the buttons! My hooman figured it out! PURRRS2U!
    =^_^= Keiko & Luna

  2. Not a problem and yes I saw that you got the donation thingeee up so I hope it is successful!! How is Keiko today, we are anxiously waiting her results....hang in there!!

    Team Keiko