Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Another critter has left us.....

Unfortunately enrollment has been up @the Rainbow Bridge, yesterday they also welcomed little Rocky-a pet squirrel. His humans (mom & dad) are very sad as it was rather sudden after they had just had to set Rocky free, but he came home for some last lovin' and that is where he passed away. Please pop over to send his family nice words if you can & let's hope there is no more admittance to the Rainbow Bridge for awhile now.
His mom says this is a picture of him enjoying fresh air and his freedom, lets hope his last few days were just a dress rehearsal for the real thing when he crossed the Rainbow.
"See you later little feller, you will be missed....."


  1. Aww poor swuirrl; me and Trixi will go over and send purrs


  2. If you click on the header (title) it will take you to his blog where you will see that his last blog before he passed away was of them having to set him free...just hope his being back in the wild didn't add to his demise :(