Sunday, June 6, 2010

Sweaty SUNday!!!

Mawm alwayz sayz we are juzt little people in cat suitz, but thiz wknd I thinkz we are in sweat haz been soooo HOT! Today is suppozed to hit *91 (mawm sayz) which is high for thiz time of year AND we live in the pinez. We are mountain catz , we no like thiz heat...pluz our breed makez uz very furry "pant, pant pant". Mawm sayz we cant sweat but we sure like like to fight over the only window she will leave open sometimez... she sayz we need to keep the houze clozed to stay cool, whatever!! So we havz no choice but to sleep aaaaalllll day then MOL!

Can you tell WHO thiz iz snoozing on the window sill???

How about now??? Thiz kitteh is out cold...MOL!

Look at that sweet face, Grammy alwayz sayz itz heart shaped <3 It'z the little girl, MAIZEE! "zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz"

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