Tuesday, June 22, 2010

The AIR HORN!! (shhhh)

In previous posts I have mentioned the 'air horn' I use to get the M's attention, whether it be to break up a fight or to stop some misbehavior...it has proven to be VERY effective. I had been wanting to get a boat horn to WAIL when needed as hand clapping, shouting, stomping and other every day actions can become confusing and/or obsolete.

I happened upon these AIR HORNS @the dollar store @the end of last yr and "Perfect!". I grabbed 5 but was wondering if I should buy them all @$1 a piece...nope got just enough. After the first few full BLASTS, all I had to do was just 'toot' it and now all I have to do sometimes is just reach for it....they know!

Got one here @my desk, for scuffles and 'what not' when I'm on the computer.....don't even gotta get up LOL!

Got one in the kitchen, it's a small area so I get tired of shouting OUT OF THE KITCHEN!

Got one by the front door, real effective in keeping kittehs from trying to scurry out....

And by the back door too, just for the same reason....

They have even come in handy for other things>>>New Year's Eve, scaring Javelina out of the yard, and I'm sure I can use one if I've fallen and cant get up LOL! I live alone so these are very useful w/out disturbing anyone else and I ALWAYS warn my visitors before I have to give my cats a disciplinary 'toot'.
So goes life w/the rambunctious M's, gotta love them!


  1. Well hello new friends! I'm a Maine Coon too!!


  2. Why thank you for viziting, we haz been on the look out for more Maine Coonz! Yay, we haz another friend PUUURRRZZZZ!

  3. BARK! Please dont EVER show mommy that thing, or she might try to get one for me! i dont think I would like that. BARK! Sasha the Princess

  4. Well YOU wouldn't, but Mommy would!!! (HONK HONK!) MOL