Saturday, June 26, 2010

Goodbye sister Keiko

It is w/GREAT sadness that I post of just finding out that sweet little Keiko had to be guided to the Rainbow Bridge today where she will now be comfortable again. Please offer her mawm/hooman Tina & family your condolences, but Keiko also had a twin sister who will be missing her sibling VERY much>>>Luna too will be needing alotta purrzz & nice thoughts. My heart breaks for everyone right now as I have followed their blog for awhile and it was always so special, alotta love & fun in that household, the kittehs even had their own catland in the basement and the humans were always improving on it.

Good night Keiko T Katt, you were very loved and will be missed even more!!!!


  1. I is still confused as to were Keiko is. I are sniffing around fur her. Thank u fur dis purrty post fur my sissyfur


  2. Aw Luna, we hurtz too for you and the loss of your sizter...hoomanz cant tell uz but soon we will not wonder no more and see our sweet siblingz/family again.