Saturday, May 1, 2010

Max's May Day

Today May 1st would've been our big brother Max's 14th burfday, Mawm iz sad but also happy that she has soooo many meowmoriez of him...she'z ALWAYZ telling us about him and howz much we woulda liked him. He got a balloon for every burfday, but Mawm sayz it was really the string he liked so much. Even though he'z @the Rainbow Bridge (waiting for us) Mawm still getz him a balloon and setz it free to the heavenz above....and watchez w/watery eyez until itz completely out of sight. She sayz she lovez ALL her petz the same, but her 'bond' w/this white odd eyed persian who walked into her life for 10 yearz, haz left paw printzs on her heart like she'd never known.

Mawm brought Max into bed w/us thiz morning, only fitting since he used to be the first thing she saw each morning. Here iz Maizee 'hanging' w/him...

"HELLOOO, are you in there...Happee Burfdayz!"

Here iz Murfee 'assisting' w/the bringing of the balloon outside MOL!

Mawm sayz thiz balloon iz purrfect as Garfield is the BOMB in the cat world, wish we could read...

Here it goez, I hope he'z ready....Mawm sayz he's always waiting for hiz burfday balloon :)Align CenterUP,


and away.......



  1. It's nice to remember Max! And sending the balloon up is a nice tribute!

  2. Yes, some may say it's silly but it makes me feel better and even my folks have shared in the RELEASING OF THE BALLOON. If it's not too windy we can watch it for quite awhile until it's WAY out of sight.... My dad always says he's waiting to see a white paw come from the sky and snatch it LOL!