Thursday, December 31, 2009

Look @all our new stuff from Santa!!!

Here is a quick run down of our Xmas morning, as Mom ran off shortly thereafter to open her own prezents @Grammy & Grampys's. Which left us quite a few hours alone to revel in our new TOYS!! YAY FOR US!

Here is Maizee checking out the NEW Kitty Cube, we only got 1 but Mom says we'll get another soon>>>see the old ones in the background-those ugly things can go upstairs. We LOVE upstairs & will have Mom take pics of it as soon as its picked up...upstairs is where NO ONE goes so me & Maiz think its our very own CATUARY (mol!)

Here is Maizee looking over our new loot, "Sniff Sniff, thes smails like a sqeekie mowse".

"Are thees fedders on thees sparklie bawls??? KEWL!" PAT PAT PAT "Soft too!"

Here I am hunkering down in the kitty cube, I waiting for PREY! MOL!

I gots PREY, I put the bitey on the squeaky mouse! GRRRRR!

Maizee is swatting the sparkly balls, "HEY THAT'S KINDA CLOSE TO MY BUTT THERE MAIZEE"

"HA HA MAIZEE, now I've got the sparkly balls!" CHOMP CHOMP!

I couldnt wait for Mom to seperate our new fedder balls, I HAD to have them NOW!! They 'rattle' too but I MUST have the fedders!!!

YAY for fedders! They are MINE (cardboard & all), "Dang, these darn things wont come loose..."

Once we got these balls apart we just LOVED them, we flip them in the air, bat them around, hide them, lick them, love on them...Mom says no nasty thoughts you adults, whatever that means??? Happy New Year's eve to all the other furbabies AND their humans :) Be safe & loved! ((and WARM, it's ccccold here & even unexpectedly snowed last nite))

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