Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome Home? Me & the M's survived the homecoming...

So I leave rainy Calif early Monday morning and arrive in Prescott to a pending blizzard, it was really coming down but we had NO IDEA what we were in for.

Here I am coming into town and then the view from my computer when I am finally home. It's a real purdy welcome, but like I said>>>we were clueless what was coming! Snow turned to rain=slush, then the wind picked up and it actually started thundering w/ was CRAZY! The power started flickering and right as I stood up to get a flashlight I lost power (10:30) so called & got the recording that there were many outages in Prescott.

Only thing to do @that point was to go to bed & hope it was back on in the morning before I had to get ready for work>>>put an extra blanket on the bed, closed the cats in w/me & hunkered down... for the night. It 'tried' to come on thru out the night but we didn't get full steady power til around 5:30...just in time to get the heater going and ready for work. Kudos to our APS crews that worked thru the night!! (this pic was taken the NEXT nite as we had no lights during our 'hunkering down' LOL!)

And look what I woke up to, kinda worth it ((I said KINDA)) **Note the icicles upper left, that's a first here...

So I go to leave today and IT'S still there, SNOW!! My poor car wont be seeing the top of the driveway any time soon, has to stay parked down by the street where there isnt much snow and/or ice>>>and it's also FILTHY, so much for that $20 car wash :( Snow go away until xmas, ok? Deal?
Snow EVERYWHERE, it's not melting anytime soon....more expected this wknd, nice to stay home in but it's slow going STILL on the roads!

Cool huh, that they are still there after 3 days ... I actually pulled one down and sucked on it while waiting for my car to warm up ((yup the kid in me))

And in all of this the M's took it in stride, their only qualm was probably just being locked up together for the night AND add the howling wind, thunder booming, flashes of lightening and no heat! Needless to say none of us got much sleep that night :/



  1. Very nice to meet your cats, & all the other pets.
    I have another blog friend who has Maine Coons. I think there are some in Australia, but they are quite rare & verrry expensive as I hear it. I keep nagging for a cat, but my GOM wont hear of it. We have 2 dogs.

  2. Thanks for viewing Meg, the more the merrier :) Actually Maine Coons aren't rare here in America and you find alotta 'mixes' in the domestic family. Mine were both rescues before a yr old and I am STILL waiting to see how big they will end up>>>Maine's can keep growing up til 3-5 yrs old...