Monday, December 28, 2009

Sibling Sunday....

We havnt posted lately as we've been buzy w/the holiday AND family visiting>>>my sister, her hubby & their furbaby Sasha came out here to stay w/my folks. The M's will NOT be in this post because of SASHA! Yesterday they all came for a short visit and to hang some decor for me (my place is BADLY lacking in decor STILL since I moved in Oct '08) and it was a good thing the M's were napping cuz Sasha came in for a bit and Sasha really takes up alot of room...see proof below ;)

This is Sasha the Fawn Great Dane and her mommy looking (laughing) on. See, I told ya she was BIG! We locked the M's on one side of the house, though it wasn't necessary as they were already cowering in my room and having NONE of that 'doggie' visitation/invasion.

We HAD to find something for Sasha to play with and all we had was CAT toys so we used the all time favorite chirping birdie. This is what it looked like after she left, and it's chirping days were over so it is now in trash heaven :( That's OK though cuz the M's have quite of few of those and even more stashed away to replenish as needed. SERIOUSLY CAT OWNERS, THIS TOY IS A GREAT INVESTMENT!!

Here's Sasha eyeing a new Xmas toy but she's about to have more fun w/the NEW Kitty Cube Santa brought the M's....

We kept throwing the birdie into the Kitty Cube and she did her best to get it out>>>her head IS quite a bit bigger than the cats so it made for such fun, LOL!

Sasha the princess having a ball on her trip to Prescott, boy if only the M's knew what was going on out here while they were safely tucked away....they'd pitch a fit!

And here is my sis & broNlaw hanging my BARGAIN pic in my bathroom...I love, love, LOVE it!! Thanks guys for all your help, especially Mindy who took time to help me get my place more appealing>>>she would be GREAT on Trading Spaces & such. Luv ya sis xoxo
And you can see THEIR blog Dane's World at


  1. BARK! I loved that noisy bird. I am sorry, I didnt mean to take the noise away. I was real gentle with the snowman. I left it at grammies, maybe she will give it to the cuzins.
    BARK! Sasha the Princess

  2. HAHAHA, GIVE IT TO THE CUZINS....we dont want no dog drewled toy. That's worse than a fur ball...BLECK!