Sunday, December 20, 2009

Kitteh Cubing!!

It's been so hard keeping current on this, what w/the holidays and all...We have soooo many adventures but it's the finding the time to post them. So today we are going to share w/our 'followers' one of the BEST inventions in cat entertainment>>>The Kitty Cube! If you dont already have one (or 2 like us) I highly recommend it, they DO take alot of beating, but ours are still hanging in there (shhh, Santa might bring new ones this xmas for upstairs)

Here is Maizee demonstrating the 'coziness' of the Kitty Cube, PRRRRR!!

Until a feather stick comes into the picture and its GAME ON! The Cube becomes a Fort and the stick is the enemy....

Out from under comes a paw~~~"GRRRRR, I've gawt yoo my prettee..."

Here's a kitteh elbow and paw from the side trying to sneak up on the stick invader~~~"NO enemees shal enter hour qube! ((even if they ARE feathers...)

One last grab @the culprit and and she took off w/it faster than I could snap a picture. That's Maizee for ya, it's amazing when I can get shots of her cuz she is ALWAYS on the GO! That's the Maine in her, even @almost 2 she is still very Maine's will continue to grow up to 3-5 yrs>>>I still wonder how BIG she is gonna end up :/


  1. We Wish you A MERRY CHRISTMAS!!

    Kylie & Mom & Dad

  2. And right back @ya!! Thanks for visiting :)

    Shelly, Murf & Maizee