Sunday, December 13, 2009

A Maizee Moment...

When Maizee first joined our home she had a bad habit of snatching food left out and ALWAYS trying to hide the evidence>>>under my bed, in a cathouse, in a kitty cube, etc. Woke up one morning to hear 'crinkling' under the bed...looked under & found Maizee and a chewed up pckg of shredded cheese. I chalked it up to her maybe having to hoard food for survival in her life before she was rescued. But her hoarding evolved into OBJECTS as well~car keys under my bed, a halloween gift for my daughter behind the armchair, packing bubble wrap under the table and a stuffed animal (larger than her) that she TRIED to drag under the bed where I found it wedged as it was too big.

So just today I found hidden in the bottom hole of the cat tower a SLEW of toys, not sure if she did it while I was in Calif or over a period of weeks.

See her stash above...yes that is 3 birdies, 3 mousies and a bell ball.

And here is the culprit w/her booty "Whut, i wuz storng them four thu wenter.."

"Their MINE

I tell ya, all MINE....BOOOHAHAHAHA!!"

**Note from mommy, funny where she hid them as Murf wont go in the cat tower...she's no dummy ;)

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