Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Mom's trip

It's Murf, I am filling in for mom cuz she hasn't had time as she just took a trip to Calif. We missed her ALOT but grammy & grampy checked in on us & gave us treats and pets. Get this, mom cheated on us in Calif!!! SERIOUSLY...see below

This is Angelina and mom says she's got a little Spike (our cuzin who died) in her, but also can be a sweety. She gets to go outside cuz she has a bell collar, but once she went out w/out it & mom had to catch her and was she pissed....mom said she 'flailed her talons @her'. Despite that she slept w/mom the whole visit>>>how dare her!! That's OUR mom!

This is Oreo and mom said he is a little shy but also very lovable....will literally crawl up your torso and make a bed on your chest & shoulders. I guess he's ok cuz he's a boy too, but I think I can take him, shhhh
And last is the weirdest cat I have ever seen, Skittles who mom says gets to go outside AND for walks every day. I guess that would be cool IF I could squeeze it into my buzy napping schedule ((YAWN)). Mom said they walked every day and met even stranger looking cats, see below...

Mom said so many were out walking their funny looking cats when all the pets ran to each other & had a play session until they all went on their way. That's mom's friend Mo petting, she's the one mom goes to Calif to see>>>they have been friends since high school! Mom even lived w/Mo once so Mo knows our late big brother Max very well.

Mom says the next pictures are for our masters so I am gonna go take a nap & let her take over.... PURRZZ

My friend Monique just moved to Brentwood, literally right around the corner from what used to be 875 Bundy Dr>>>where Nicole Brown Simpson lived & was killed. We went by on one of our many walks (curiosity killed the cat) and I took pics of the infamous crime scene.

To the left of the big palm tree in front is where the NEW gate is, they changed the whole facade of the front walls to not only obscure it more but deter the lookie loos. Even the address has changed, it is now 879 and is no longer posted ANYWHERE @the front. Notice how much more foliage is covering this condo as opposed to the attached condo next door>>>they have probably had wack jobs like me peeking in...

Above is the BEFORE & AFTER pics of the entrance to the courtyard. Such a horrific thing happened in these plush surroundings, to two beautiful people. Mo has met neighbors who still remember that incident and the circus that took over their neighborhood when the story unfolded.

Surprisingly the back alley of the condo is almost exactly the same, this is where supposedly the crimes began & ended as OJ used this to access the courtyard where the murders took place. This alley is where OJ's Bronco was spotted speeding away from...

Ok, just a bit of history on my trip....I also got to see Paranormal Activity and it wasn't near as scary as I was led to believe. I made tamale pie for Mo and her roomies (daughter & b/f) and boy did they LOVE it (secret family recipe LOL). Mo & Bryan made some yummy turkey meatballs w/spaghetti YUM! Watched Bride Wars, EH! Did some shopping and saw a raccoon camping in Mo's trees...a squirrel too who ate from Samantha's hand so I bought some pnuts & put them around for him. The next morning in the rain he was out gathering them all up to stash. I left rainy LA and came back to snowy Prescott, we got a doozy of a blizzard last night and I will share THAT in another blog...

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