Sunday, January 3, 2010

Boxing Day MOL!

I guess Murf thinks 'Boxing Day' is the same day as New Year's cuz I was doing some thorough cleaning up (landlords coming to visit) and came into the room to find Murf in the box I had thrown on the floor to be trashed. He looked so content & determined that was HIS box so I just let him be.

"MY bawx, I found it, it's MINE. Maizee's too buzy stuffing her face anyways....MURF'S BAWX!"

"Mom threw our new catnip mousie in, see I gots it in my mouths....nom nom nom"

"Of course SHE had to stick her nose in & see what's up, so I dropped the mousie and tried to look I look dumb???"

"She smelled the mouse, but I am still acting dumb>>>which is hard for ME, not her though cuz she's dopey MOL!"

"What mousie, I dont see no mousie in here go away & look cute or something"

"FINALLY, I thought she'd never leave! See, it's still MY bawx....I will sleep in it if I have to, finders keepers losers weepers MOFL!"


  1. BARK! Be careful of those boxes. My sissie spike went into them all the time, and you know what happened to her! BARK! Sasha the Princess

  2. Oh, that's mean! Now we will really have to show you who's boss when you visit again, booohahaha!!

  3. That is a nice looking "bawx." T,U,&V can not resist cardboard or paper on the floor, they have to be on it. Glad to see that it is not just a Bengal trait. >;-)