Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Santa Claws Came!!!

Our posts are gonna be a little out of order as we get caught up from the festivities...would be nice if one of the M's could do a post or two but they are too buzy w/their new toys from Santa. They made out pretty good and seem to enjoy EVERY thing they got>>>which isn't hard for Maize as just a wadded piece of tissue paper would make her happy (and entertained for hours) LOL!

This is their brand new stocking they shared this year, the one I couldnt keep out as Maizee thought it (like everything else) was a TOY.....oh and EVERYTHING is HERS!

Here Murf checks out the stocking "Smells like fishys". See the cute little gold fish hanging on it, there is now only ONE fish thanks to Miss Maizee. See below to see what lured Murf to it....

This is what was in their stocking>>>Organic Cat Nip, Stick w/Sparkly Balls (cuz its Xmas) and......

Xmas colored Sparkly Balls that rattle AND smell like catnip...oh and topped w/fedders, CANT forget the fedders! Those are cats major weakness.

Santa DID bring a new cube!! (yes only ONE as that's all Walgreen's had left @9pm Xmas Eve>>>Bad Mommy!) They will be getting another shortly and the 'weathered' ones will go upstairs...their SANCTUARY :)

They also got an over the door hanger Play N Squeak Mouse, which I put on their tower and its just purrrfect there. ANOTHER GREAT TOY I FOUND WHICH I NEED TO STOCK UP ON.
And of course they got MORE neat treats from Grammy & Grampy which we forgot to photograph, but maybe will share later. Next year will be more 'festive' as (hopefully) Maizee has matured some and we can dare to put up decorations AND leave the presents out>>>that's ANOTHER story as Maizee was worse than a kid if you left gifts around (wrapped AND unwrapped). But I love her and am thankful for BOTH my kittehs this season and all those to come. We hope yours was just as blessed, Shelly Murf & Maiz

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