Monday, January 3, 2011

We were buried....

Got SOOO much snow @once and the temps were record breaking, nothing would melt & our snow removal on the streets was QUITE lacking. I know this isn't bad compared to other states, but for this little town in Arizona it was a wallop...something (obviously) folks weren't prepared for. It sure is purty though....

The little pomegranate bush is almost to the ground again, looks like SPLAT! My snow covered car is barely visible @the bottom of the driveway.

My rocking chair looks like it's got white cushions on it, look @those berms....

That's a massive icicle, seriously! Bigefy the picture to see it clearer.

It's still there, I just took a pic of it tonite...kinda cool huh??!!


  1. WOAH!!! You guys be careful you don't get cold toes!!

  2. Arizona?! Holy cod! *The mom's jaw drops*

    We haven't had that much snow up here in southeastern Ontario (yet). Wow! Looks gorgeous, but we can imagine no one would be prepared for that. Do be careful, stay safe and warm!