Saturday, March 13, 2010

Missing In Action...

Sorry we have been absent but my computer pretty much crashed with a huge infestation of virus's, GGGGGGGGGRRRRRRRR!!! So except for work I was pretty much 'computerless' for 2 full weeks, I DID though find some productive time on my hands so took up a hobby of WATCHING MOVIES lol! The M's liked that as it meant 'naptime w/mommy' for them. I also was able to take some MUCH NEEDED time off & visit my best bud Mo in Calif. I might share more pics later but of all I took, these 2 are my favorite and bittersweet to the one thing I miss most about Cali is the COAST! I grew up a California Beach Bunny, even though we lived 35 miles (almost an hour) from the sister, myself & our friends would always find the gas $ to take MANY trips to the shore. Years later when we were 'legal' we would party (clubing) down there @nite>>>it WAS our escape from the 'Inland Empire' which was always hot, drab & dull'. Now @middle age I realize how much I (we) took for granted having a "whole fricken coast" always just a drive away.

Overlooking Santa Monica Beach and PCH, almost sunset....isn't it just breathtaking?! Maybe I am so much more fond of it now that I live in the mountains of a desert state, I DO so miss REAL sunsets on the coastal horizon>>>breathtaking!

Nature @it's best, we need to take time to smell the sunsets :) In a perfect world EVERYONE would get to see this EVERYNIGHT, arent those who can lucky and should share w/those who cant.

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