Sunday, March 28, 2010

The M's Madcap Mishap

A couple of weeks ago on one of our 'snowyest' nights I kept hearing slight sounds outside that I attributed to either snow falling off branches or pinecones & other debris hitting the house. Almost an hour later while getting a snack I realized I hadnt seen any fur faces in awhile. After scouring all the rooms I figured they were probably hiding in the cedar closet (they love to sneak in there when opportunity presents), I walked in & turned on the light saying "Ok guys , OUTTA here"....but no M's! Panic set in, they WERNT in the house and then it hit me I had gone out front earlier to take pics of the snow and the screen door wont latch in the winter and they must've scurried out before I went back in. I shoe'd up and raced for the door, the minute I opened the screen Maizee scurried right in like a relieved 'housecat' should, but Murf of course was no where to be found. Because of the snow I tried following paw prints which looked like they had stayed only on one side of the house, which led me to the back door-thank god!

I had no sooner called his name when Murf came meowing....on my neighbors side of the fence but I couldn't get to him & vice versa because our properties are divided by a small creek that is of course running steadily now. I went back out front & tried getting him from their side yard but realized it was gated. Shoot, now I had to go knock on their door @disturb them @9pm...luckily we are friendly. They happily let me thru to their backyard where Murf was cornered by the shed now as the snow was still coming down pretty heavy. I grabbed him by the scruff of his neck and angrily carried him home, also relieved. As I approach the house Maizee had managed to skirt back outside & I see her running along the perimeter (NOW it's become a game to her). @this point I've HAD it, a couple of curse filled chases and she finally bolts back inside. They both realize they are in BIG trouble @this point & one shout "get to the bedroom" sends them both bolting into the bedroom where they get an hours 'Time Out'>>>also much needed time to groom as they are both cold, wet & dirty. Mind you this whole time I TOO have been out in it so am now too cold, wet & ANGRY.... I have to add that I live in the pines so there is an abundance of predators the M's are @risk from. Coyotes, Javelina, Owls, Bobcats, Dogs, etc. Which is why I freak if the get out, ESPECIALLY @night.

I would like to think they learned their lesson, but no....they still try to find opportunities to get out the screendoor. Murf has even taken up scratching madly @the bottom of it as if he could dig a hole thru it>>>this of course brings out the AIR HORN which always puts the fear of god in them. Oh and the AIR HORN, that's another post I will have to share as it's a godsend for my (occasionally) misbehaving M's. If you look closely you can see Murf standing & peaking out in the lower left, they actually LOVE that screendoor. Installing that was a real treat for all of us, mainly when it's not snowing LOL! It swells when its cold and/or damp so hard to open then...

(of course the pics w/this post are just for 'example', I was too harried @the time to take pics)

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