Wednesday, February 24, 2010

COMING SOON to a Blog near you..

"Psssst.....come closer, I have something to share with you. It's a coming attraction and it's starring ME Murf. Mom has already posted baby pics of Maizee and how she came to be 'adawpted', but due to a techinal difficulty wasn't able to post MINE. ALL of my pics were on Grammy's computer that crashed recently and she feared they might have been lost forever. Thankfully they were saved and as soon as Mom can can get over there to copy them, I will be a STAR, mol! I am not so much a 'limelight' kitty but I have heard in my hayday I WAS, and (blushing) have been told I was a pretty cute little guy....not to mention very photogenic ;) " So please stay tuned, especially those Bengal cats in Washington that Mom is always raving about...I thought I could take that Uschi until I saw his aquatic escape into the pond, what a BAD ASS!!! You HAVE to see it">>>>

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