Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Siesta...

By the looks of these pics it DOES look like Maizee has curled up for a wknd nap on my desk chair, but these pics were actually taken the other nite while her Grammy was using my computer (her's crashed). Grammy must've made the seat nice & warm cuz after she got up from it, who did we find but Maizee...who had CLAIMED it....remember she's still the 'baby' so EVERYTHING is hers!

"ZZZZ...fishies n birdies n mousies......Uh oh, hoomans are interfering........"

'WHUT, it wuz emptee n it wuz warm! Wutz myne iz myne n wutz yourz iz myne MOL!"

"Yoo wunt thu chare bak? I CANT HEER YOO" Do i lewk aloof???

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