Monday, February 15, 2010

Monday Messyness...

Usually the cat toys are kept neatly in a petbed in one spot, ALWAYS the same spot. Why they wont sleep in their beds is beyond me, but it doubles as their 'catchall'. Imagine my surprise when I came home tonite to find that not only were more toys than normal scattered, but somehow they had pulled/drug the petbed out quite a ways???

What's up w/THIS??!! Someone did some rearranging, "Thanks guys, but mom liked things the way they were". FYI that petbed isnt real light so it took some work to move...these are the times I wish I had a kittycam ;) Of course Maizee had to get in the picture, ham that she is.

(I think I finally figured out what made the petbed so askew, I had sprinkled catnip on it on Sunday>>>>guess they 'got their buzz on' when they discovered it a day later LOL!)

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