Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Look what Mawm bought....

I actually got this awhile ago but was having problems getting the pictures downloaded, isnt it a BEAUT??!! I went to help @Miss Kitty's (rescue group I volunteer for) rummage sale and the minute I walked in the door I saw it & HAD TO HAVE IT. Luckily I arrived just in time for the 50% markdown of ALL items AND got first dibs cuz I was a volunteer>>>so I got it for $37.50 & its in EXCELLENT condition!

I have always wanted a bench like this for my 'mud room', you know so you can sit & remove boots etc. It also has storage under the bench like I desired, so I was like PERFECT! All the ones I had found so far had coat hooks on the top but I already have those built into the wall so this will sit right under those. I will try to get photos of it when it is 'positioned' but have to remove some 'lower' hooks first.


  1. You got that for $37.50? Wow. I mean, WOW. I think I should let you shop for me.

  2. I know huh Kea! They had soooo many other deals too but having become unemployed I am glad I just got the one. Well actually I also got a SLIM toaster over for $1, hehe