Saturday, July 24, 2010

Studly Caturday!

See my fine form az if I iz pozing for a muzcle mag.....look at my manly muzcles, I iz RIPPED!! (MOL) You can sorta see Maizee behindz me, she dont have muzcles to flex....juzt FAT!! mol mol!!

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  1. Whew! That's incredible form! You need to put a warning on posts like this, so we ladycats are prepared to handle such mancatliness! :-)

    Shelly: I certainly can exchange stories re. Chumley/Max. But with Chum there was no prior warning, no hint of heart murmur or any other problem. He was fine and health and happy...and then suddenly it happened and had to be rushed to the vet after hours and PTS. I didn't know what the problem was until we got there (of course he had been screaming--literally screaming--in pain from the moment it happened). I thought maybe it was a blockage, was expecting emerg surgery, not death. So there actually isn't much to relate. I still cry and feel sick to to my stomach about it, try very hard not to remember THAT night. :-(