Thursday, July 22, 2010

No bones about it....

Back when Murf & I were staying w/my folks he had a stuffed bone that squeaked...yes it was a 'dawg' toy but never told him that. He LOVED that bone and would hug, bite, sniff and bunny kick it to no end.

SNIFF SNIFF SNIFF, thiz smellz tazty....letz see if itz yummie....."

GRRRRR CHOMP CHOMP NOM NOM!!! I put the bitey on da bone, GRRRR!

MMM rather tazty if I do say so. I LUVZ my bone!!!!
(bigify the pixture & you can see my tongue MOL! Zoom in on that pic & you can see my nom holes)


  1. Those photos are adorable. Makes me wonder if any of mine would like dog toys too! :-)

  2. Cant hurt to try, they are pretty sturdy for cats. Sadly Murf isnt so fond of his bone anymore, guess he is just to 'mature' for it so it usually just sits in the toy bed amongst all the other UNWANTED toys. Occasionally I will find it out on the floor but think that's just Maizee searching thru the toys>>>she will NEVER be too big for TOYZ!!!

  3. Murf you are odd like Kosmo. He likes dog dental chew sticks! I prefer any CAT toy with a bell...but my fish is my favorite toy. It has had to be sewn back together by my humans because I attack it so much.