Monday, April 26, 2010

National Kids and Pets Day

Since the only kids the M's have been around were more afraid of them then vice-versa we dont really have pics of them w/little beings, so I will share some of my daughter who IS still a kid in some of the photo's. She is almost 26 now living on her own back in Calif and a mom herself to 2 kittehs...but she will always be MY kid :)

Brittney as a teen napping w/our previous cat Max..

While vacationing w/my folks her Papa pulled the RV over so she could feed some horses :)

Britt w/her 'prop' during a photo shoot...

Britt napping w/Max again and snuggling w/the family dog Sassy....

Britt and baby Max (OK he was barely a year so still a baby to me) when she visited in '07...

Murf & Britt when she visited in '08, he is trying to be aloof...he's good @that MOL!

NOTE FROM MURF: "Mawm says this is our 'big sister' but I've only metz her a few times and dont remember her now & Maizee NEVER has! We'z sure would like to get to knowz her more, puhleeze comez for a vist Britt, youz will LOVE us...."


  1. Yay fur red-heads =^_^= they take good care of us fuzzys!

  2. Is that a different MAX in the picture of "Britt and baby Max "?
    BARK! I want to sample them all! I remember the redhead. She came to our house and loved on me too. BARK! Sasha the princess