Sunday, November 15, 2009

Maizee Mundae

Todaes thu dae mom letz us post cuz shee saiz "MONDAES SUX", nawt shure whut that meens but az lawng az wee get a chanze two leern blawging wee reely dont kare MOL! Ladees ferst and todae itz mee Maiz, sew im gona show yoo my babee pix (whenz i gawt adoptid)...

Hear iz the pixshur of mee in thu paper that maid mom kum down two sea mee & wuz i glad shee did! Sea beelow...

Hear I iz, my steetches frum my spaeing opend & I wuz waring a KONE win mom furst kame two inspekt mee...but that dednt keap me frum bein sew kute, spunkee & ireestibul! Sea my big footees, mom sade that iz how shee knew I culd bee manekoon.

I onlee look pissy cuz I had two bee held tite cuz I wantid two run arownd thu kennil, sence wee hav to liv in kages win at thu sheltur untel sumwon adoptz yoo. I hoped shee wuld cuz shee reelee holed me nice & asked if I wunted a new home.

Shee kame bak! Shee sayed shee mite & shee did, OH BOY did I show hur how much moore persinubel I am wethowt my kone. I ran all ovur thu kennil evin goateng thu katz steal in thear kages, boy wur thay mad that I wuz OUT & maebe geeteng a new home.

Hear iz my last pixshur at thu shelter, mom azked if thay wuld holed mee til thu weeknd but thay sayed no...shee dicided rite theen that I wuz goeng two kum home two liv weth hur & sumwon named murfee. Thu peepuls at thu shelter wur sad two sea mee go cuz I wuz a faverit ther & thay had named mee Anita>>>mom sayed I wuld problie get a new name aftur wee gawt home. I kame two my forevur home and hav nevur lookd bak, evun tho mom haz taked mee bak two thu shelter two vizit a cuple timez & thay alwaze remembur mee ther:) . But now I am named Maizee...

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